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Date: May 14th, 2006
Venue: ???
Theme: "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin
Promotion: Chaos Brand Exclusive
Turnout: 49 RolePlays
Details: It was the first Chaos Brand Exclusive PPV in history. On this night 6 Men would enter the second chance Elimination Chamber to determine a new EWE Champion, after Sean Lewis (Undisputed Champion) had chose to be on Xplosion as the World Heavyweight Champion, this would determine the very 1st official Top Champion of the Chaos Brand.

Date: May 27th, 2007
Venue: Chicago, IL
Theme: "Run" by Day of Fire
Promotion: Chaos Brand Exclusive
Turnout: 45 RolePlays
Details: After coming up short at WrestleMania 4, the 2007 King of Xtreme found himself blessed with a second chance, this time without Edge, Alex Stone would get Rikku in a one on one match for the EWE Championship. Other big matches included Mr. Money in the Bank John Cena taking on International Champion K~Dawg in a Winner Takes All Match, also DX defended the EWE Tag Team Championships in a handicap against The Mexicools.

Date: May 29th, 2011
Venue: United Center - Chicago, IL
Theme: "City" by Hollywood Undead
Turnout: 55 RolePlays
Details: The war between Bed n Breakfast and High Society is at it's peak, all boiling down to the I Quit Undisputed Championship match between Derek Daniels & Abdul Q. Another big story on this event, was the end of the Johnny Chaos Retirement Tour, where his final match as a full time active Competitor would be a Last Man Standing Match against a man he had never once met in one on one competiton, none other than LAW.

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