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Date: October 16th, 2009
Venue: United Center - Chicago, IL
Theme: "Back in Black" by ACDC
Turnout: 19 RolePlays
Details: After a full 10 month hiatus, Extreme Wrestling Entertainment was indeed back again, under the helm of it's brand new Chairman, Michael Jensen. After purchasing and rebuilding the defunct company, Jensen had ran the EWE through house shows upon it's return, starting from scratch. Celebrating his first TV Deal, he made the premiere edition of EWE's newest show "Black Friday" a Pay Per View event. To make it's premiere even bigger, the entire focus of this event, was the culmination of the 2009 King of Xtreme Tournament, that had previously started on the formentioned house shows. This was a very special tournament, because it's the only King of Xtreme Tournament in EWE History to not crown a Number One Contender, but the new EWE Champion, as well as International Champion between the participants who failed the Quarter Finals.

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