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Date: April 24th, 2004
Venue: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theme: "Awake" by Godsmack
Turnout: ???
Details: While Former best Friends HHH and HBK went to war in a Street Fight to determine a Number One Contender, and Trish Stratus defended her Women's Championship in a hardcore match agaisnt Android 18. The match with everyone's attention, was Emperor Ben defending the World Heavyweight Championship against White Tiger, after the 2nd Chance Elimination Chamber at WrestleMania had come down to these two, it was an anticipated match, and did not disappoint.

Date: May 1st, 2005
Venue: Kemper Arena - Kansas City, MO
Theme: "Cocky" by Kid Rock
Turnout: 9 RolePlays
Details: It was a night, that made history. It did lead to a hiatus due to some of the controversey that surrounded WrestleMania the month prior, but only a short hiatus as EWE returned two months after this, and began what everyone calls it's greatest era, three years solid, 0 hiatuses. Forgetting that, this Pay Per View still holds importance, no matter it's turnout, no matter anything else, it's in the history books, for it was on this night 6 of the EWE's Biggest Stars at the time, entered the Elimination Chamber, crowning the 1st ever EWE Undisputed Champion, In History.

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