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Date: June 25th, 2006
Venue: Chicago, IL
Theme: "Victim" by Eighteen Visions
Promotion: Chaos Brand Exclusive
Turnout: 60 RolePlays
Details: The debut of a unique concept, exclusive to the Chaos Brand, it was a Pay Per View that has been dubbed the Fan's Pay Per View over the years. Various Matches and Stipulations were voted upon by the EWE Nation, including the man who would challenge Randy Orton here for the EWE Championship... was it Jeff Jarrett... Emperor Ben... or LAW?

Date: June 24th, 2007
Venue: Orlando, FL
Theme: "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point
Promotion: Chaos Brand Exclusive
Turnout: 52 RolePlays
Details: Not great timing to become the new EWE Champion it would seem. With Alex Stone having to deal with the unpredictablity of Extreme OverLoad as his first defense, not even knowing who exactly he will be defending against. Of course another match needs to be brought to attention, as perhaps one of, if nto argued to be THE most monumental Tag Match in EWE History, took place on this very card. The Tag Division was unified at this very event, as two teams completely dominated their respective brands for the last few months, it was only a matter of time until it came to this. Being Extreme OverLoad, the fans voted on the stipulation for this match, but that was merely a bonus, for it was already big enough. It was Chaos' Unstoppable EWE Tag Team Champions, D-Generation X... taking on Xplosion's Untouchable X-Tag Team Champions, Cameron Hayden & Shawn Ashlocke, The eXiles, in one Monumental Unification Match.

Date: June 27th, 2010
Venue: TD Banknorth Garden - Boston, Massachusetts
Theme: "I'm Shipping up to Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's
Turnout: 36 RolePlays
Details: Breaking away from the usual expected tradition of the EWE Champion having his challenger voted by the fans, this time we knew who the champion and challenger was, as Kurtis Porter had cashed in Money in the Bank on Triple H a month before hand at Retribution, Triple H was invoking his rematch. The fans would instead get to vote on the match stipulation, which was a heavy theme for the fans this year, though Mid Eastern and TeleVision still voted on it's challengers.

Date: July 3rd, 2011
Venue: Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theme: "Social Graces" by Hail The Villian
Turnout: 40 RolePlays
Details: Back to original format, Undisputed Derek Daniels would defend against either Dean Winchester, Mr. Man, or his Tag Partner White Tiger, depending on the Fans Vote, as a lot of the matches was this way this year, with fans choosing the challengers, only a couple matches had them choose the stipulation. One match particular was Christy Chaos' Women's title defense, who also had a fan voted challenger. This match was important, because it was the last defense, the last chance for someone to stop her from breaking Candice Michelle's Record as longest reigning Women's Champion.

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