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Date: November 29th, 2009
Venue: Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
Theme: "Begining of the End" by Spineshank
Turnout: 33 RolePlays
Details: The Pay Per View was inappopriately named and hyped, as it was said to be the final matches for a few particular legends... but that wound up not really being the case. Never the less, we did get a classic bout between White Tiger and Sean Lewis... and another one between Android 18 and Mr. Man. Of course above all that, we got the begining, of what would be voted the Best Feud of 2010, the first of a handful of EWE Championship matches together to come, this one voted the best Match of 2009, as Triple H defended against The Rated R Superstar himself, Edge. With Randy Orton as the special guest referee, it should also be noted, that an iconic faction, one that had been remade in 2015, first came together, during this match.

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