The Following is a categorized listing of any and all Superstars and Diva's who have competed in 2015.

Note: As for the Diva's, only matches that was considered Male Division Matches are counted here.

Note 2: Battle Royals and The Rumble is not counted against your record (only your RP AVG is added for such matches), did not want to discourage people from entering such matches, not wanting to risk damaging their records... on the contrary, the one who does win, should be acknowledged, and thus they do have the win counted to them, ala Alessandro for The Rumble. Just to clear up such names like Rikku & Nero Phoenix who don't have a record, but have a score, that would be the Legend's Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

Final Note: There's a reason it's taken me this long to put these on a page, despite a handful of people knowing I been keeping track of records and averages since before WrestleMania. That would be finding the time to look up something I KNEW had to be possible, and finally I have found that such coding. That being said, the categories are Sortable, just by simply clicking the category you want to sort. I did have one complication that java just isn't smart enough. I had the Record as one category at first, then split them up separate hoping it would help, but to no avail. Alas, the record is in the right order by default, cause of course I have to enter the default list myself, but if you sort by a RP Average or a Name, then try to go back to the record, it won't be accurate, when it was one category it wanted to put higher losses above lower losses when they had same amount of wins, thus why I thought maybe trying to split them up would help, but nope. None the less if you do sort to a different category and want to return to the original order, just re-click the link from the site's nav bar.


NameWinsLossesDrawsRP Avg
(Excludes No Shows)
Match Avg
Dean Ambrose14417.96 avg6.29 avg (4)4-W
The Joker11607.54 avg7.54 avg (0)1-L
The Clown9108.21 avg8.21 avg (0)4-W
Christy Chaos9408.44 avg7.23 avg (2)2-L
Roman Reigns9427.71 avg7.16 avg (1)2-W
James Ceno9607.51 avg7.51 avg (0)1-L
CM Punk9817.84 avg6.86 avg (2)1-L
Roller Brawl8308.02 avg8.02 avg (0)1-W
Cliff Morgan8306.34 avg6.34 avg (0)1-W
Seth Rollins8417.61 avg5.98 avg (3)2-W
Jack Michaels7018.98 avg8.98 avg (0)1-W
Angela Fortin7208.16 avg8.16 avg (0)2-L
Kelsi Parr7607.91 avg6.33 avg (3)1-L
Bray Wyatt7615.97 avg5.17 avg (2)2-L
Alessandro Quagliaterre6428.59 avg8.59 avg (0)1-D
Blitz6507.86 avg7.86 avg (0)1-L
John Steel4407.75 avg6.03 avg (2)3-L
White Tiger4927.75 avg7.75 avg (0)1-W
Syd Vicious3008.93 avg8.93 avg (0)3-W
Brock Lesnar3008.5 avg8.5 avg (0)3-W
Leo Kat3307.08 avg7.08 avg (0)1-L
Thunder Dragon3507.92 avg7.92 avg (0)1-L
Damien Sandow2005.85 avg5.85 avg (0)2-W
Erick Rowan2117.58 avg5.69 avg (1)1-W
Johnny Dreamer2107.23 avg4.82 avg (1)1-W
Luke Harper2116.43 avg6.43 avg (0)1-W
Cesaro2205.23 avg5.23 avg (0)1-L
Benjamin Ryan2308.13 avg3.25 avg (3)2-L
Mizore Payne1008.45 avg8.45 avg (0)1-W
Brooke McGuire1008.15 avg8.15 avg (0)1-W
Rebel1005.4 avg5.4 avg (0)1-W
Finn Balor1107.78 avg5.18 avg (1)1-L
Android 181208.3 avg6.23 avg (1)2-L
Desmond King1207.95 avg2.65 avg (2)1-L
Mystery Man1207.55 avg5.03 avg (1)2-L
Urijah Levy1206.9 avg4.6 avg (1)1-L
Human Tornado1206.17 avg4.63 avg (1)2-L
Dolph Ziggler1507.65 avg2.55 avg (4)3-L
Rikku0007.95 avg7.95 avg (0)n/a
Nero Phoenix0007.85 avg7.85 avg (0)n/a
Presidents of Wrestling0007.6 avg7.6 avg (0)n/a
Psychotica0017.5 avg7.5 avg (0)1-D
Goldberg0007.4 avg7.4 avg (0)n/a
Jay Jobber0006.7 avg6.7 avg (0)n/a
Fazbears0006.4 avg6.4 avg (0)n/a
Johnny Chaos0108.9 avg8.9 avg (0)1-L
Brock Majors0107.58 avg3.79 avg (1)1-L
Dr. Quackerton Jr.0106.45 avg6.45 avg (0)1-L
Randy Orton0105.8 avg5.8 avg (0)1-L
D-Dawg0208.12 avg4.06 avg (1)2-L