[1] No limit on characters, as long as you can keep up with them, otherwise you will be asked to drop however many needed.

[2] Managers shouldn't be really big names, if they are, be aware someone could still join with them, if you dont already compete with them yourself.

[3] Using other people's characters in roleplays is not allowed, unless you otherwise have their permission.

[4] EWE is a Mixed E-Fed, which means both Real and Caws are accepted.

  • If Joining as a Real Superstar, please check to make sure that person isn't already taken before you fill out an app. This also includes Real Characters that are in the Hall of Fame, only their innitial Handler that got them inducted can use them.
  • With Caws, Pic Base Limit for CAWs is 1 Pic Limit, this excludes Hall of Famers. So if a Hall of Famer has a pic you want, you can still use it, but Shall the Hall of Famer return, they will be using it too.

    [5] RolePlay Limits

  • RolePlay Limit is 1 for a weekly Show and 2 for Pay Pew Views (unless otherwise specified, and Undisputed is usually 3), as each PPV the Threads are posted 2 weeks before hand, the same week as that final Show, new matches announced that final show gets added. If a non-title match is added that last week, it's likely to be a 1 rp limit instead of 2. Depending how much time there is. Likewise for a title match that's added only being 2 instead of 3.
  • The Maximum Length for each RolePlay should be no more than 3k(3,000) Words. Not that RolePlays are judged by length, this rule has been made as a result of the past, having to judge novels got tiresome.
  • The Minimum Length for each RolePlay should be no less than 100 words. As simple "I Win" even if your opponent no shows, is stupid. If your opponent does no show, it's likely you may still win your match, however expect to recieve ZERO points on that week's P15 and Rankings.

    [6] No Starting stuff on the forums...if you have a problem with how something was judged in results...bring it to me on MSN or PM...if you have a problem with another member, use the same method...just keep the drama off the forums, that's all that is asked.

    [7] The Obviously Most important Rule, kinda pertains to the Rule Above...This is an E-Fed...so Have FUN...don't take it so seriously.

    -MITB/LC Cash-In RULES-

    Money in the Bank

  • The Money in the Bank Briefcase has been a EWE WrestleMania Tradition ever since WreslteMania 3. More unique in the sense that WWE's was always a ladder match, while EWE's MITB has never once used the same match gimmick. From KOTM @ WM 3, The first and only Three Layers of Hell @ WM 4, Traditional Ladder @ WM 5, Ultimate X @ WM 6, The first ever Phase Three @ WM 7, and The EWE's Exclusive Barbed Wire Ladder @ WM 8.
  • The Person who obtains the Briefcase will have theirself a Undipsuted Title Shot anytime they choose up until the following WrestleMania.

    Lady's Choice

  • The Diva who obtains the Briefcase will have theirself a Diva's Title Shot anytime they choose up until the following WrestleMania.

    Cashing In

  • There's two, sorta three different ways to Cash In.
  • [1] Cashing in ahead. You can choose to face the champion up front, 100% Fair. To Do so, just send in a segment to "JAY". That Segment will be placed in whatever show you send in the segment, in that segment you're making the announcement that you want to Cash in on upcoming Ladies Night/Chaos (pending if it's LC or MITB) or the upcoming PPV. Once done that match will be set and both rp as Normal.
  • [2] The Rated R Technique. The other option is what Edge made famous in WWE, picking your spot and cashing in when the champion is at their most vulnerable. Now we don't feel the Briefcase holder should automatically get it in this case (unless in case of the 3rd option) but they should get an advantage. To do this, get in contact with "JAY" whether by PM or Messenger service, whichever, telling me that you wish to Cash in. Do this no later than 24 hours prior to the Deadline of the show you're wishing to Cash in. The champion will be notified of this and will have until that show's DL to send in their roleplay. Here comes the advantages, LC/MITB holder has a special DL 24 hours later, and will have the champion's rp sent to them, in other words they get the advantage of not only an extra day, but also knowing what their opponent has done while the Champion does not. after both RPs are done, the match will be judged as normal.. LN Staff if it is LC Cash-in on Women's.. Chaos Staff if it is MITB Cash-in on Undisputed. It isn't automatic, but gives the briefcase holder the advantages.
  • [3] Making the Deal. This one comes straight from option two, it's a In-Results sort of Cash in.. but in this case, no roleplays need to be done, nor judging.. The Briefcase Holder and Champion make the deal that the Champion will job, and all you gotta do is let me know when this is happening. Now this can still happen without even knowing they are doing it. In that case I mean perhaps the LC/MITB send in their request to cash-in, but once the Champion is notified, they say they will just go ahead and let them win, the LC/MITB will be told of that, then they won't have to worry about rping for nothing.
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